Chapter 7

Manny has stolen a CD and gets in trouble with the police.


Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 Manny's father learned of the theft. As Konsiquenz no one is allowed to talk to him or do something for him. In addition, Manny gets house arrest.

Moreover his father expects Manny to marry the daughter of a friend.


 Chapter 9

 Now Manny visit the 10th grade.

In Chapter 9 Manny has an important talk with Mr. Sandhu. They talk about Manny's really bad results at school and search for the reasons.

In the end Mr. Sandhu asks Manny, what his parents think about his relationship with Lisa.


Chapter 10

Chapter 10 consists of a conversation between Manny and Lisa. They are talking about the discussion between Manny and Mr. Sandhu, Manny's marriage and their future.

In the end, Lisa's mum drives Manny home.


Chapter 11

Manny is in bad shape, because of his impending wedding.
For this reason, Ady goes with him one day in the city and they have lots of fun.
Chapter 12

In the previous night Manny drank too much and has a hangover. At his birthday his father goes with him into a Punjabi bar. On the way home he gets into an argument with Harry and Ranjit. After leaving the bar, he goes to Lisa, and spends the night with her.


Chapter 13

In Chapter 13, Lisa and Manny try again to find a solution for Manny's current situation. After that Manny comes with a few friends in a club and there he gets to know that Ady becomes father. Next day he talks with Ady about his baby and about the forthcoming date with Lisa on Sunday. On Sunday evening he goes for dinner to Lisa and her parents talk to them about sex.


Chapter 14

Manny and Lisa have sex that night From that day on Manny works hard in school to get to the GCEs.

Some time later Ady und Manny drink a lot and Manny returns drunken to school. The teachers are angry about it and send Manny to go home. At home, his brother is waiting with an envelope for him.


Chapter 15

 According to that which has happened Manny is not allowed to meet his friends or leave the house.

His parents wants him to go to India, but he doesn't want that.

After a message from Lisa, where she writes that she went to Australia and cannot continue the relationship between them, he decides to go with his family to India.


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