Summary of Chapter 1-6

Chapter 1:

In Chapter one, Manjit tells the reader something about his family and their tradition.
He says that he try not to take much notice of any of his family, because their relationship is bad. The reason for that is that Manjit and his family have different opinions about life. Manjit’s family live on Evington Drive, in an area that was popular with Punjabi families. His family is Punjabi, too. In their culture, the parents arranged marriages, preferably as soon as school was finished with. In addition details about his best friend Ady and his fathers’s opinion about him.

Chapter 2:

At the beginning of Chapter two, Manjit tells the reader something about his cousin Ekbal. He compares Ekbal’s family with his own family. Then he write out a plan of his life, which consists of a timescale that detailed the way he saw his life going over the next year. After that he tells us about the insults, he got from his family, everyday. The most important thing in Chapter two is, that his father wants Manjit to marry as soon as he is seventeen years old.

Chapter 3:

In Chapter three, Manjit and his best friend Ady go in the city. When they wandering up into Silver Street, they meet Sarah with a friend of hers.

Chapter 4:

Manjit can’t get the girl out of his mind and he knows, he has to see her again soon. He persuaded Ady to go with him in the city again. After a while Manjit sees Sarah with her friend. Also Sarah and her friend notice the guys and walk toward them. After they talk for a while, the boys invited the girls to a drink.
 Chapter 5:
In Chapter five Manny finds out something more about Lisa. Manny has also spoken with her, but he is too shy to speak with her more often. In addition, ge gets in trouble with his parents, because one night he returns too late at home.
Chapter 6:
In his chapter he is having his 10th date with Lisa. They talk about their families and Manny starts to worry about his forthcoming marriage. Manny takes every possibility into consideration in order to prevent the wedding. He wants to find a way out of it and violates every rule he can find.

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