First, second and third generation immigrants

Second generation immigrants


1). Characterise first and second generation immigrants.



First generation immigrants



Second generation immigrants


- they emigrated (feel home where they were born)

- identify with their home, culture, traditions, customs

- came to the UK in the 1960s, often encouraged by the British government meet demand for jobs.

- they don’t want to adapt to the British culture

- want their children to live the parents

→ fear: children become too British

- only come to Britain to earn good money

→ have good jobs

→ came for economic reasons

- want to go back to their home country some day

- live in special / separated parts of the city / town

- (look for a girl for their sons)


- grow up in a working- class environment

- like the British people

- want to be British

- want to get a more exciting life for themselves

- sometimes not fully accepted

- inspired by Western music

→ dream of freedom

- not feel confident about their identity neither British nor Indian

- try to fit in the British culture

- problems to know their true identity




Third generation immigrants


2). Explain the chanced which Manzoor sees for the third generation.


- new confidence

- most successful in integrating

- become absorbed into British culture

→ identication

- no connection to their home country

- melt entirely into society

- difficult to become commited citiziens without forgetting their past

- better chances on the jobs / working market

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