Affiliation of the family members

Affiliation of the family members



To what extend can the members of Manny’s family be described as typical first or second generation immigrants




Manny’s parents:

• typical first generation immigrants

• religion

• keep traditions → defines roles

• do not accept British people / the British culture / don’t want to adopt

• proud of their origin

• came to Britain in order to work

→ plan to go back

• don’t feel at home in Britain

• fear: children could become more British



Manny’s brothers:

• second generation but hey do not behare like that

→ position between the typical 1st and 2nd generation

• pride (parents, origin, traditions)

• identify with Punjabi culture




• second generation

• does not want to adopt Punjabi traditions

→ He is not a typical representative of the 2nd generation either

• never went to the Punjab

• no Asian friends

• strongly influenced by Western culture, e.g. music

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