Diary Entry

One Saturday in May



Dear Diary,




please help me! I don’t know what I should do!

I’m very desperate! Today something terrible happened!



I was sitting in the lounge watching TV and eating something when my dad walked in and started to talk with me. He did not understand that I don’t want to go to Harry’s marriage. But it is my decision. I hate Harry! He isn’t my brother!

My old man started to tell my again something about keeping traditions and so on..


Only crap…


But then he suddenly said: “.. And when you are Bilhar’s age, you will do the same”.


WHAT?! What will I do?! NEVER! I will never do that! Does he really wants me to marry in a few years?! I have never thought about a girlfriend or a wife. It seemed to be like a horrible dream.


Man, I’m seventeen! SEVENTEEN!! That gave me only four years?!



Then my dad told me that he had already searched for a Punjabi-girl from India. I can’t understand, how he can do something like that..

Isn’t he interested in my dreams and wishes?!



I hate him!


I hate my family!


I wish I could be British!



Yours Manny

29.12.09 23:33


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