Language analysis

Language analysis



Aufgabe: Wie denkt der Vater (anhand der Textstelle S.18/19) über Britische und Punjabische Bürger?



British citizens

Punjabi citizens


•„bloody goreh“ (l.26)

→ they are not good

• “being careful not to become too white” (l.30)

• “saving Punjabi culture from the grips of white man” (l.27)

• “put their own mothers in home” (l.31)

• impure girls










► negative words with negative connections are used.


• “Brother. Cousin, it’s all the same to us. We are Punjabis” (l.25)

→ Punjabis are a union

• “married to a lovely girl” (p.18, line 35)

• “beautiful and pure” (l. 36/37)

• “Punjabis look after their families” (line 31/32)

→ take care of each other

• “Saving Punjabi culture from the grips of the white man..” (line 28/29)

→ Punjabi culture is important. He does not  like the British people



► positive world fields / words with positive connotations are used




►► The author deliberately uses words woth negative and positive connotations in order to underline the fact that the father rejects the British culture.


Summary of the table:



The following summary includes how the father thinks about British and Punjabi citizens.



Manjit’s father has a bad image of the British people. He calls them “bloody goreh” (p.18, l.26). He thinks that the British are not good for his sons.



However, about the Punjab people, he thinks otherwise.

He accepts only a certain kind of people: the Punjabis.

“Brother, cousin, it’s all the same to us. We are Punjabis” (p.18,l.35).

His wish is to find a lovely Punjabi-girl (p.18,l.35) for his sons. Something else is not allowed.

Based on Punjabi-girls he used words like “lovely” (p.18,l.35), “beautiful and pure” (p.18,l.36).





The father only accepts Punjabi-girls for his sons. He wants to have nothing to do with the British way of life.


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