Interpretation of the sentences on p.37, line 10-12

Homework for Tuesday



Task: Say what Manny’s decision/ strategy on p.37 (line 10-12) (part 1) implies for his (future) activities / behaviour (in part 2)!

What choice does he deliberately make?

And for which purpose?

(Write at least a half page!)




Here is the quote from the text:


“There was only one thing for it. I’d have to make myself as unsuitable as possible. What father-in-law in his right mind would want a thief and a smoker for a son-in-law?”







my result of analysis:



Manny tries to make his family and future in-laws a bad image of himself.

Thus he tries to avoid that any family wants his as a son-in-law. Probably he wants to disclose that he is a thief and a smoker (page 37, line 12).

He wants to act as a deterrent, so that he cannot be married. He will behave badly in the future in order to escape his fate. Manny does not want to jeopardize his relationship with Lisa and wants to pursue his dreams. He wants to make himself intentionally bad to gain his freedom.

That is the only way for him to be happy.

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Interpretation of the last sentence of Chapter one

Task: Explain the quote on page 13 / 14.

(The last sentence of Chapter 1).




Here is the quote from the text:



“My early adventures with Ady were a prelude to my future. Like a one-minute-trailer to a film – a taste of what was to come”.





my result of analysis:




The last two sentences of Chapter one refer to Manny’s experiences with Ady in the past and allude to what is coming yet.



Manny and Ady have done many bad things.

For example, they have stolen and smoked.

His time with 17.12.2009 will therefore be a foretaste of the future.



Later, he fled from India and tried to run away from his wedding.

He told in the passage that the experiences happen to him like a one-minute-trailer to a film, and that a lot is coming toward the two friends.




This shows that the friendship with Ady is very important for him and that Ady should always have a place in Manny’s life.

No matter what happens in the future!



Ady = prelude to Manny's future

→ A Foreshadowing

→ there are clies in the story that hint at a future development.


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Manny and his friends

► Manny and his friends ◄


Task: Fill in this table during the reading process


Relationship to Ady


- best friend

- good relationship

- knows about Manny’s situation within the family problems

- talk about everything

- know each other since Junior school

- Manny leads Ady astray à shoplifting

- Ady helps him to get to know Lisa

- Ady – key to Western life

- “friendship first” à their friendship is very important

- Ady supports Manny – spending time with Ady is a distraction from Manny’s problems


►Ady = Manny’s future?

à will help him to breakfree (from his

wedding) (to free himself from his family)


Relationship with Lisa


- Manny’s first girlfriend

- knows about his family situation / the arranged marriage

- supports him/ wants to help him

► they talk about Manny’s future

►how to escape (supprted by Lisa’s parents)


◘ Lisa: very open, minded and understanding, respect Manny and his family

◘ now: support to held guidance, love, will help him to break free


►► Manny’s friends are counterbalance to his family/ his problems

- They make a difference in Manny’s life!



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Manny and his family

Manny and his family



Task: Fill in the table during the reading process.




Post picture here?

Age: 13

Home: Evington Drive, Leicester, England

à popular with Punjabi families

(8 people in house)

Likes/ dislikes: hates to be called Manjit, likes to go out with Ady

Character traits: wants to live his own life with all decisions

Hobbies/ favourite pastimes: playing football, does shoplifting, likes reading

Attitude to school and teachers: wants to study à high grates

Attitude to work:    /

Relationship to father

Post picture here

- hits his sons and shouts at his wife

- rans the family with fear

- drinks a lot of alcohol

- Manny tries to avoid getting hit by him

- thinks that his father hates him

- he doesn’t like that Manny’s friend Ady isn’t Asian.

-being hit by his father makes Manny feel like an outsider

- Manny doesn’t want to end up like his father

- Manny hates him

- Manny thinks he is a racist

Relationship with brother Ranjit (and his wife Jas)

- Manny tries to ignore them

- but he is the person who is accepted the most by Manny (in his family).

Attitude towards brother Harry

- shares a room with him = nightmare

- hates him and says that Harry is bloody thick  à like talking to a gorilla

- because of Harry he has no privacy.

Relationship to mother

- she never speak to Manny unless what he wants for dinner

- he doesn’t know a lot about her

- seems that she isn’t interested in Manny and his feelings

- she is like a stranger to him



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Manny's family tree

Manny’s family tree


Task: After listening to Chapter 1, fill in this family tree. Write information on the family members and their lives into the boxes: their ages, what sort of personalities they have, etc.

On the lines, write down information about the setting of the novel.


Manny’s Family



- runs the family with fear (p.10, line 30)

- shouts/ is angry (p.10, line 32)

- strict / sticks to Punjabi traditions

- alcoholic (p.10, line 32; p.12, line 9)

- hits his sons (p.11, line 7)

- racist (p.13, line 3)

- arranges marriages for his sons (p.9, line 36)

- doesn’t speak English well (p.12, line 34)

- school = waste of time (p.10, line 28); (p.12)



- always in the kitchen, cooking and watching Asian channels (p.12, line 7)

- probably never went to school (p.10, line 29)




- oldest brother (p.9, line 2)

- married Jas (p.9, line 31)

- works in a factory (p.12, line 18)

- was in Manjit’s old room

- “new version” of his father



- 16 years old (p.9, line 31)

- already engaged (p.9, line 32)

- corpulent

- Bilhar (p.9, line 31)

- shares a room with Manjit

- “new version” of his father



- 13 years old (p.9, line 8)

- hates his father

- wants his own life

- is individual

- high grades (p.12, line 19)

- doesn’t want to be called “Manjit”


Manny’s friends:

- Ady = Manny’s best friend (p.12, line 21)

- black jamaican (p.12, line 23-24)

- criminal (p.13)

- his brother: weed-dealer (p.13, line 33)

- father: bad person, devil in disguise (p.12, line 28)


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Analysis of the poem "First and second generation immigrants" by Nadani Chandramohan

First and second generation immigrants

[Nadani Chandramohan]


1 I hold my roots

   While I shed my leaves.

   I try to keep my face in place.

   But sometimes it goes,

5 And my true colour shows.

   At home I am foreign

   In school I am foreign.

   What is there, is what I see,

   I can only be ... me!


What is the author trying to convey?

Discuss and / or write about her feelings about coming from two cultures.

Why does she feel foreign everywhere?

 How successful is she in making her feelings clear?



In the poem “First and second generation immigrants” by Nadani Chandramohan, the author explains the problem of immigrants, that they don’t  know to which culture they really belong, but they still keep being themselves, so their real  origin doesn’t matter at all.


In the first two lines of the poem, the author describes herself holding her roots while she sheds her leafs. In the next three lines (ll. 3-5) the author explains her way of wearing a mask and that she sometimes looses it, so her real colour shows.

In ll. 6-7 she says, that she is foreign at home and in school, but in the last two lines (ll. 8-9) the author says that wherever she is, whatever she does, she always remains being herself.


The first two lines seem like being a personification of a tree: “I hold my roots / While I shed my leaves” (ll. 1+2). But it’s obvious that the author simply compares herself with being a tree, knowing her roots, her origin, while she sheds her leaves, the characteristics of her origin, physical and mental characteristics.  Then she describes how she tries “to keep my face in place” (l.3), which is a metaphor for herself wearing kind of a mask, like she tries to hide herself from the others, and how she sometimes looses the mask she’s wearing and her “true colour shows” (l.5), so her real self, without any mask.

The parallelism in ll.6+7 “At home I am foreign / In school I am foreign” shows that it doesn’t matter where she is, her situation does not change at all and also this lines show, that she does not really belong to her parents or her classmates. She is just with herself, like she says in ll.8-9: “What is there, is what I see, / I can only be … me!”.


The author tries to convey, that second generations of immigrants, like herself, don’t really know to who they really belong to. Either her parents and family or her friends and classmates really accept her as being part of their group, their origin. She also doesn’t seem to be very happy about it, because she describes that she tries really hard to wear a mask, to get some kind of affinity to either one of the groups, or even to both at different times. She feels that that’s not the real situation, but in some way she accepts herself as being without a direct affinity to one of the groups, to just be herself, like she shows in the last line of the poem.

The two groups, her family and friends, don’t seem to accept her real self, because otherwise she wouldn’t need to wear a mask, which seems to be the reason why she feels foreign everywhere.

I think the author Nadani Chandramohan is really successful in making her feelings clear, because while reading this poem and while thinking about it, you really feel how she struggles with herself but also accepts herself, in another way, which shows an inner conflict of herself.


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About the book

About the book:


[Brief Summary]:


The book “(un)arranged marriage” by Bali Rai is about a 13-year-old boy named Manjit, also known as Manny, who doesn’t want to live like his family. The family is originally from Punjab, a part of India, but they already live in Leicester (UK) since Manny’s birth.


Punjabis have certain traditions. One of them forces them to marry as soon as the school is finished. Moreover, his parents decide which girl he should marry. His brothers and sisters were already married and now it is Manny's turn. But Manny wants to get marry in no case and internally denied his duty. But his family formally forced him to and he feels very pressured. But instead of accepting the marriage, the falls in love with a girl, with whom he is secretly together. In the 4 years he is going through a lot. Without his best friend Ady and his girlfriend Lisa he would not have survived this period.


In the end, he must make his decision:
Either he must marry the girl or give up the family.



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